Notice for Purchasers: Mandatory Plugin Update Once Receiving Theme Update Notification on ThemeForest

This article was published with the aim of keeping you – our beloved customers – away from unexpected complications during the process of installing new updated version of our Velo Bike Store WordPress Theme and other Sunrisetheme’s products as well. First and foremost, we want to emphasize that updating plugins plays an important part of installing new theme version. When the theme and the plugins are updated at the same time and in a proper way, then your website because of that can run smoothlier; and vice versa. We have investigating over recent purchasers’ claims regarding some common errors related to Velo, and the reason didn’t surprise us. It cannot be denied that installing the new version of Velo without updating its plugins can cause some unpredictable errors to the theme’s functions and working mechanism.

So we hope this article is going to clear up all your queries by instructing you the way to install new plugins and remove the old ones.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove the old theme (the current theme)

In case you want to install new update of Velo, you can start with the removal of the old version. And because you can't delete a theme if it's the only one you have. So, install a new theme by selecting any free and available theme as the one you want to use, then you can delete the old version Velo that you don't want anymore.

And then you can do this at Admin > Appearance > Themes > Velo Theme Details > Delete.

The second way you can do is that in your WordPress installation folder, browse to wp-content/themes and remove the folder of the theme you are wishing to remove.

Step 2: Deactivate and Remove old plugins

For some reasons, old plugins are still kept around when you delete theme such as K-Shortcodes, ...

Many purchasers didn’t notice it and skip this step.

So, make sure that you deactivate all the old plugins and then you might be able to delete them by navigating to Plugins >> Installed Plugins.

Step 3: Download our latest theme update on ThemeForest

When your website is clear, you can implement downloading our newest version update of Velo theme on ThemeForest.

Step 4: Install the new version of Velo Theme

The next step, once you have deleted the old version, quickly add a new update version of Velo. Watch the following simple stages:

#1: After getting the installation zip file of Velo, you should navigate to Appearance >>> Themes.

#2: Click Add New and then wait while the theme uploaded and installed.

#3: Click to activate it.

Step 5: Install & Activate new recommended plugins

Once you are done with the installation, you will probably notice a notification displaying in the top right of the screen that requires you to install new recommended plugins.

Then quickly install and activate all of them.

NOTE: If you want to remove our K2T Velo shortcodes plugins, you need to deactivate and delete theme first.

It’s just simple as that. And now you are done!

You can continue to create outstanding contents for your website with our Velo theme. We would like to send the warmest thank to you for purchasing Velo - Responsive Bike Store eCommerce Wordpress Theme! We really appreciate your concern and commit to offer all kinds of useful information that you need to use Velo. So, don’t forget to check out Velo documentation files for further understanding.